Described as a creative at heart, Jessica caters to those seeking a delicate balance between the visual narrative & emotive imagery every couple envisions for their wedding weekend. 


How did you get into photography?
My path to photography began with my first creative love: music. I set out to study music in college and along the way, I found myself drawn to photography. I felt a sense of purpose behind the camera and ultimately said goodbye to grad school to pursue photography full time!

Ideal happy hour?
Tacos, queso, margaritas (obviously)

Destinations that feel like home?
California: whether it's on the beach in Santa Barbara, wine tasting in Napa, or hiking in Big Sur
30A: my favorite Southeast destination to relax and recharge
Italy: I left my heart in Tuscany with the family who introduced me to limoncello and "la dolce far niente"

You have a travel free week, what are you doing?
Catching up on my latest read, brunching with friends, but most importantly, spending time outdoors with my corgi Chester 

Career Highlight?
I'll never forget the most breathtaking sunset I've ever photographed. It was the evening of an east coast welcome party on the water, and what should have been a stormy occasion turned into a watercolor sky that had the couple and every guest in awe. It was a dream to witness with my own eyes, and document as the sun went down over the water. 

Approaching each couple with attentiveness, encouragement, and joy, she creates timeless imagery with a captivating, soulful feel. Her aim is to provide guidance when needed and let the magic of wedding day unfold in front of her lens. 

Jessica is based in Atlanta, GA and travels worldwide. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and is eternally grateful for the opportunity to capture fleeting moments that will be treasured for generations to come. 




Whether it's beneath the stars on the California coast or dancing to your last song under an Italian sky, it is my mission to document your day with an artistic eye and thoughtful approach.

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